"Come Back To Me" was inspired by a broken heart.  When you give your heart to someone and they take you for granted, different and confusing emotions will surface.  I spoke to my girlfriends for hours and cried a river lol. 

When i am happy, sad, frustrated or feeling experimental, I pick up a pen and let it flow.  Without judgment, i yield, and let the song find it's way into the material world.  

"Come Back To Me" was born during a very difficult time in my life when i couldn't find the answers.  I couldn't find closure.  My pen gave me closure.

I am a dance artist, and although I dabble in ballads, I truly believe heartbreak can also be felt at 130 bmp lol...and so it was.  It had to be right!

I love writing about different themes and subjects and let life play out in my songs.  Some things cannot be forced.  You have to let life flow.

"Come Back To Me" was in full circle and filled with raw emotion, and we loved it!!!  I wanted folks to relate to my pain and also enjoy amazing production.

I cannot say that i am truly healed from a broken heart, but at least "Come Back To Me" puts a bandaid on the hurt and stops the bleeding every single time lol.

"Come Back To Me" now available on iTunes here

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