Carmelina in the studio

"I was born to win.  I was born to fight.  I was born to shine." -- Carmelina.

When I wrote "Born to Win", my mind was racing with ideas and I wanted to share them with the producer, DJ Creativity.  We partnered up once again (check out our first collaboration "Looking For Love, also on iTunes"), but this time DJ Creativity and I wanted to do something different and "Born to Win" was born lol. 

Recording "Born To Win" was an amazing experience because I am always rooting for the underdog. I really feel that we must remain positive and focused and do what we love. 

 "Born to Win" speaks to the soul and the will to keep going. Some folks are born to win and no matter how hard they get knocked down they keep fighting. 

Never give up. Believe in yourself!

Listen to your heart and what makes sense to you. Hold your ground! 

So many people give up on their dreams, but we must strive to do what our spirits dictate. Everyone is different and we have a special, unique talent to share with the world. Do you know what yours is?  Were you born to win?

We must listen to the passion in our hearts because it is what keeps us feeling alive. Not everyone is going to agree and some may mock your efforts, but as long as it makes you happy and in your heart is what you need to do, then go for it!  

The worst thing next to dying is regretting you never gave your dreams your best shot! It is important to keep your spirit alive and thrive in the process. It's quite rewarding. You learn so much from  yourself when you align your efforts to your purpose in life.

DJ Creativity is an amazing DJ, producer, and a visionary. I am open to his ideas and we work well together because we share the same vision.  We were "Born To Win"!  Are you "Born To Win"? ;)



Check out the Carmelina - "Born To Win" lyrics video on Morena Records.

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