Italy is endless and I wanted to visit again.  As a yogi, I took advantage of the inspiration of my yoga instructor.  Cooper Chou encourages me strengthen my practice.  Tuscany was on his agenda and I, one with my path, I was excited that we were going Italia!  Bellissimo!!!

"I call my transformation a "Metamophosis"! 

So i was totally feeling like I'm different inside and I can't explain it. I try to muster the words but only music understands me in a way no one can.  So, why not record my joy, my confusion, my wisdom - the kind of wisdom only a melody or a song can convey." -- Carmelina



"Connecting to my mind, body and spirit is important because you can set intentions and accomplish your goals with a clear mind and less stress.  You feel a sense of ease and joy when you include yoga as part of you spiritual journey.  I heard that Yoga is a lifetime practice so there is no rush. There is no competition.  Everyone's practice is unique." ~Carmelina



"A brand new DJ Duo! NSANITY! 


I've never worked with a mix of two producers before and I was searching for a new, innovated sound for my "Selecta" dancehall single featuring Mighty Mystic and everything happened so fast!!  A new sound all the way from Rotterdam had emerged and I wanted in!! ~carmelina





This past weekend I ventured out to a fabulous "CD BABY DIY Musician Conference" in Chicago, the windy city!  I was so excited because I learned so much and this particular music conference catered to the independent musician like me.  The idea is to grow and expand your knowledge as you navigate the murky waters of the music industry lol.

Nothing is handed to you on a platter, oh the lessons…

"I learned to look beyond stereotypes from a very young age. I've always believed that a person's character is what's important, not their race, creed or skin color...My family and Latin culture has taught me to fight and not give up so easily. Things may appear easy from the outside, but you never know what the next person is going through."

Carmelina Vargas



"It felt really good to go on a short vacation and leave the city girl behind, nonetheless, a "beautification". Better yet, let's just say it was a "beautification from within".  I wanted to get in touch with my spirit in my mother land." - ~carmelina




"Culture is important and to be connected to your roots is a must if you want to make beautiful music.  Music has to come from the soul." ~Carmelina
~ carmelina 

 "Although, DJ Ken Rock is half way across the world, he and I communicated with ease in opposite time zones, but we made it work.  He provided an image of the sun for inspiration and “Time For Love” was born." --carmelina


"Call my name and I'll be there
Dancing under the moon and stars
Think of me and I'll appear
It's time for us, It's time for love

DJ Ken Rock


The music video for "Born To Win" had to hit home for me and I wanted to incorporate a little piece of me... ~carmelina.

"I was born to win.  I was born to fight.  I was born to shine." -- Carmelina.

When I wrote "Born to Win", my mind was raising with ideas and I wanted to share them with the producer, DJ Creativity.  We partnered up once again, but this time DJ Creativity and I wanted to do something different and "Born to Win" was born lol.  

Carmelina in the Studio

"We need to encourage our youth more.  Everyone learns differently and at their very own pace.  Not one size fits all in education.  Encouraging the creative spirit within the youth nurtures academic potential as well...

I was inspired by the youth in the room." 

Carmelina and "Windows Of Opportunity" youth at St. John's University

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"I love the way in which DJ Mike Rizzo builds the "Come Back To Me" remix, the way the beat builds and the drop is so fantastic!  I can hear it over and over again and get lost in it and dance forever, lol.  On repeat for sure!

I was honored and so psyched to work with DJ Mike Rizzo!!! Woop!"

DJ Mike Rizzo

"Come Back To Me" was born during a very difficult time in my life when i couldn't find the answers.  I couldn't find closure.  I penned the song and then called my producer friend "Add-On Beatz"...  


A sense of humor is very important and I wanted my character to portray confidence, wittiness and that certain Carmelina spunk lol...and she did!


"When i received a call to perform and also be a speaker at this year's "Freestyle Reunion and Cancer Benefit", I was honored!  I've always been a fan of Freestyle music and to have the opportunity to meet some of Freestyle music's pioneers, I jumped at the chance!  

Carmelina Live

"Life Reimagined" by AARP - what a great concept!

 One should never give up on their dreams, and doing what you love at any stage of your life is really living.

 You live your passion, You live happier. You live longer. It's that simple."

Carmelina Vargas and Emilio Estefan

"I'm not going to lie, but I was a little apprehensive about meeting Sacario.  I did my research and got to know his music and business endeavors.  Sacario is a multi-platinum rapper and an entrepreneur in film and media production! Wow!

His music is a bit hardcore! lol.  But, something told me that he had the ability to ride a 130 bpm track and he did!

He killed it! like a true, music professional with over 10 years under his belt. I was impressed!  He is quite versatile."


"I've always been passionate about my culture and my music and when I was selected to be honored as a "Mujer Destacada 2013", I was in total awe - almost speechless. It felt really good to be recognized.  It was a pleasure to be acknowledged by a mainstream media newspaper like El Diario La Prensa, I felt like my dream had finally come full circle.  

After all, El Diario La Prensa is not only the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the country, and was now celebrating its 100th Anniversary, but it is also my dad's favorite newspaper in his native language! "

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Carmelina Vargas honored with El Diario's Mujer Destacadas Award 2013

Carmelina Vargas celebrates El Diario La Prensa's  Destacadas Awards luncheon at the Mandarin Hotel, New York City!

I've been experimenting with music for a little while, but when I got a call from DJ Creativity himself, I was in total shock! I was so excited to hear from him. He made my day!

 He said that he was interested in working with me, and he provided me with this amazing, EDM/Dance/House track that he produced himself so I can write to.... I was up for the challenge!  

I was ecstatic because I've been wanting to write a song about the struggle of the single life!  The time had come!!

As a Breast Cancer survivor, incorporating wellness in my everyday life has been a priority - whether it’d be exercise, eating right, or meditation. I’m all for it and I was ready!  Bring it Dr. Oz!

I was born in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, and as a curious child, I witnessed my aunts using all kinds of natural beauty routines to appear their best. For example, avocados as moisturizers, conditioning their hair with mayonnaise, using olive oil to treat wounds, etc etc..

Carmelina shares wellness tips with Dr. Oz

I felt complete.

It was a special moment for me and when I heard "Alegria" play on national radio in California, I closed my eyes and relished every mili second, just as if I was endulging in a rich, smooth piece of chocolate!

Carmelina Vargas

soaking up my first time on mainstream radio

 I chose to write about Joy "Alegria" because it represented where I was in my life at this moment.


Many times i walked over to Diana to take a peep at the stills and I couldn't believe how gorgeous her photos were. I asked her in awe "is that me?" at one point because although i was standing before her i didn't know how magical everything was turning out.

"putting on my face with make up artist, Sabrina"

A negative attitude is contagious. I’ve caught it a couple of times, but as I continued to live my life in a positive direction, I realized that YOU possess the power not to be infected! The power to heal yourself from this awful disease resides in you.

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